What we treat

From Neurological conditions to overuse injuries.

Silver Physio

Treatments we offer at Silver Physio

The initial visit will comprise taking down your detailed medical history and then a thorough physical assessment. This will involve looking at movement and function to establish the cause and extent of the problem. This allows the physiotherapist to analyse the findings and establish a comprehensive treatment course geared to your specific requirements. The one-to-one personalised and holistic programme identifies achievable goals and will aim to maximise function. We have all the necessary portable equipment, such as weights and exercise balls, to assist in the assessment, as well as your rehabilitation.

We treat the following:

Neurological conditions

For sufferers of various neurological disorders, rehabilitation can often be difficult and strenuous. SilverPhysio aims to mitigate those stresses and help you with thorough treatment of conditions such as Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson's disease, traumatic brain injury, and stroke. Our goal is to assist you in relearning normal movements to help you function to the best of your ability. This will be achieved through tailored exercises, joint and soft-tissue mobilisation, balance exercise routines, and personalised advice on fatigue and exhaustion management.

Pre and post orthopaedic surgery

If you are due to undergo, or have recently undergone, orthopaedic surgery then rest assured knowing that the expert professionals at SilverPhysio will be on hand to help you recover efficiently. The unrivalled support system we offer will assist you on the road to resuming normal movements. Our rehabilitation treatments will allow you to re-balance your muscles, and accelerate your recovery.

Respiratory conditions

Acute respiratory conditions (such as chest infections) or chronic respiratory conditions (such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) are treatable using various methods of airway clearance so you can breathe easier and feel more comfortable. Some discharges or secretions can be cleared using the active cycle of breathing technique (ACBT) approach to help give you that easy breathing feeling.

Muscle and joint injuries

Many short or long term muscle and joint injuries can be treated by our expert physiotherapists. Whether a muscular injury sustained during sport, or long term joint wear and tear through osteoarthritis, we aim to assist in your rehabilitation through a thorough initial assessment and subsequent personalised treatment programme. In sufferers of rheumatoid arthritis, we aim to reduce aches and pains such swellings, joint stiffness, and muscle weakness through our comprehensive and tailored rehabilitation course.

Postural strain and muscle imbalances

The lumbar region of the lower back, as well as the neck area, often takes considerable strain throughout our daily lives. Typically, there is no pain when proper posture is used. Aches and pain set in when incorrect posture is maintained through a prolonged period of time and can result in trauma or chronic overuse. This can be rectified with our expert and experienced methodology and ergonomic advice in order to give you pain-free living. The focus of this rehabilitation is Pilates based incorporating core muscle strengthening.

Overuse injuries

Overuse injuries are common in those engaging in actions or activities which require repetitive motion. Ailments include shin splints, tennis elbow, and repetitive strain injury. Swelling, excessive warmth, reduction of function, redness, and concentrated pain are all symptoms of overuse injuries. If you are diagnosed with any of these conditions, SilverPhysio's experts will be on hand to ensure your recovery is efficient and fluid. Our experienced physiotherapists will ensure your condition is rectified using the correct treatment procedures tailored to you, ensuring mainly that it is prevented from re-occurring.

Loss/decrease of mobility and function

Loss or general decline of mobility and overall function can have a negative impact on your general well-being. We aim to restore your freedom through extensive assessment and treatment programmes which cater to your individual needs.

For more information on the conditions we treat and services we offer, or to book an appointment please call 020 3637 8988, or email us at office@silverphysio.co.uk.