Frequently asked questions at Silver Physio.

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Silver Physio FAQ's

1. Do I have to inform my GP or consultant before I contact SilverPhysio?

No, you can contact us whenever you want impartial advice or to book an appointment. If we feel that you would benefit from further investigations after having seen/assessed you, then we can contact your GP or consultant.

2. What will occur at my initial appointment?

The initial meeting will involve asking relevant questions about your referring problem. Following this, we will assess function, movement and strength. Once all the necessary information is obtained, we will discuss an appropriate treatment plan with you and a carer/family member with the aim of increasing your function.

3. How many treatment sessions will I need?

Every person is different and every condition is unique. Some patients need regular therapy - otherwise known as maintenance therapy - while others may have short, intensive bursts. Prognosis for recovery will naturally influence the length of a course of therapy. Your therapist will discuss with you individualised goals and how these may be achieved; you will come to an agreement as to the number of sessions that will help achieve this. This is fluid and can change at any time.

4. Can my family or carer remain in the session?

Your family members or carers are welcome to stay in the session if you as the patient wish for them to do so. Again, this is flexible and can change at any time. We are always approachable should family members or carers wish to be involved in the therapy. We actively encourage this due its beneficial nature.

5. What do I do to change or cancel my appointment?

You can alter your appointment by telephoning or emailing us. Failure to advise us of this change, or cancellation less than 24 hours in advance may result in a charge.

6. Is there a long waiting list to be seen by a physiotherapist?

No. A benefit of our practice is that there are no long waiting lists. Once you contact us, we will ensure you are seen within 2 working days.

7. How do I pay for my treatment?

At the end of each week or month - whichever you prefer - you will receive an invoice. You can pay this with cash, cheque, or bank transfer. Please enquire should you have cover with private medical insurance.

For more information on the conditions we treat and services we offer, or to book an appointment please call 020 3637 8988, or email us at office@silverphysio.co.uk