Reduced mobility following hip surgery

Reduced mobility following hip surgery

Hip surgery of any kind can be painful and can cause mobility problems long after surgery has been completed. Surgical procedures include:

-Total or partial hip replacement

-Dynamic hip screw

-Femur fractures


Recovery will differ for each type of surgical procedure. Your consultant will advise you on healing times, positioning in bed, weight bearing status and return to activities like driving.

Your gait pattern may be affected due to the surgery, as pain is the most common complaint. It will also depend on the muscle strength before and after surgery.

You may be given a variety of different walking aids to help with mobility and recovery. Always ensure you use the equipment as prescribed and that it is at the correct height, as this will affect your gait pattern.


It is useful to know when you can take full weight on your leg and try to do so as soon as possible to avoid getting into bad habits. Some helpful tips include listening to your steps. Equal steps means there is equal weight on each leg. If you limp, it means you are probably taking less weight on the operated leg.

  • Try to walk with as much as possible with a normal gait pattern by getting your heels down on each step, then pushing off with your toes.
  • Avoid widening your legs or stance as this increases sideways waddle, which will reduce balance.
  • Lift your feet and do not shuffle with your feet. Make sure you wear secure footwear and avoid slip on shoes or slippers.
  • Do the exercises that you will get at hospital regularly and a physio will progress these exercises to include you standing on the operated leg whilst lifting the other leg. Your muscles will be weak and will need strengthening and therefore the exercises play a vital role in recovery.
  • If you have stairs at home, you will practise these in hospital if appropriate. Remember to go up with the GOOD leg and down with the BAD leg.


Silver Physio can help with mobility issues and returning to normal activities like showering or bathing following hip surgery. Please contact us an assessment and further advice. To arrange a home visit and get your rehab started ASAP, email us at or telephone: 020 3637 8988.