The most common causes of absence from work are due to back pain and stress related illnesses. Both of these can be prevented, treated and managed by Physiotherapy.

Having a Physiotherapist in the workplace is a huge employee benefit.  At Silver Physio, we provide thorough assessments to each of our clients in the work place. All we need is a small room and we provide everything else.

What can Silver Physio offer your company?

  1. We carry out ergonomic and work place assessments
  2. Provide treatment for chronic and new conditions
  3. Physiotherapy led Pilates classes for the office during lunch time
  4. Provide education and training particular to your business
  5. Sports massage

How does it benefit your company?

  1. By having an on-site physiotherapist there is less time off work for appointments
  2. Physiotherapy can reduce the number of sick days
  3. Employees feel appreciated with the gesture of having an on-site physiotherapist who is available for treatment, massage and Pilates
  4. Physiotherapists can assist with a return to work programme

Our aim is to optimise performance in your workplace and we strive on our ability to help you protect your employees. We have a team of highly skilled and experienced Physiotherapists who are looking forward to working with you.

For more information on our workplace service, please contact us on 020 3637 8988 or email at