Non-urgent surgery

Non-urgent surgery

The NHS has recently announced that people will have longer to wait for non-urgent surgeries like a hip or knee replacement. This means people will have to suffer in pain for longer, but the NHS justifies this as a means of survival. GPs will also have to reduce referrals to the hospitals made for these kinds of operations and seek conservative measures for management of this client group.

This is therefore an even more crucial time to make sure you are in the best pre operative state as possible. Physiotherapy is an important part of this process and can hopefully delay having an operation in the first instant. Exercise, weight loss and good nutritional habits have been shown to be very effective.

SilverPhysio specialises in exactly this kind of prehabilitation method to ensure our clients adopt a holistic approach and self management strategy. We treat you in the comfort of your home to reduce travel times and stressful waiting periods.

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